February 19, 2015

Icy Cold

It's icy cold in the Midwest. I just ventured out in the sub-zero weather to mail a Spring Banner to Georgia. Send a little warmth this way, please. I think I may just climb back into bed and stay there until this weather lifts...or rather, until I need to pick the kids up from the bus stop. Stay warm Wisconsin.

SA&C Winter Girl hand embroidered dish towel
Winter Girl Hand-embroidered Dish Towel

be warm
be well

February 17, 2015

tired momma wants All the coffee

My eldest daughter has been sick the past couple days which meant a lot of being up in the middle of the night. *yawn* If you're like me and are needing a little extra caffeine boost today you might appreciate the coffee-themed dish towels listed on Strong arts & crafts.

Home is Where the Coffee Is
SA&C Home is Where the Coffee Is

You're the Cream in my Coffee
SA&C You're the Cream in my Coffee

or my personal favorite
Death Before Decaf
SA&C Death Before Decaf

Be well.
Be Caffeinated.

February 12, 2015

Theater Crafty

You may not know it, but I actually went to school for theatre a long, long time ago. Now that my girls are grown a bit, I've gotten back into the local theater scene and it has really been good to me. At my parenting group the other night we discussed what grounds us when we are bombarded with the pressures of parenting. Theater is that thing for me. Of course I love stitching and doodling. I'm really an artist at heart. But theses things I usually work around parenting. Theater has been the one thing I can do for myself as myself. That sounds funny, but most of what I do, I do as a mother. Working in the theater is something I've been able to do just for me. Having that me time fills me up and gives me energy, confidence, and patience to be a great mom.

So, I wanted to share with you what I have been working on. Twelve Angry Men opens tonight at the La Crosse Community Theatre. I designed the props for the show and they turned out great.



I'm looking forward to seeing these guys in action.


February 2, 2015

Vintage Alphabet Blocks

SA&C vintage alphabet blocks

This past week I stopped by Time Was Estate Sales to look for some vintage buttons. I not only found some great buttons for me to sort through but I found these vintage alphabet blocks for Lisa. She has a couple of repurposed vintage block card/photo holders listed on Strong Arts & Crafts and I can't wait to see what inspiration comes out of this new batch of blocks.

Repurposed Vintage Toy Block Photo, Card, or Recipe Holder
SA&C vintage alphabet block picture holder

Have a great week.

January 30, 2015

Buttons Galore

SA&C vintage buttons

This week I sorted through Mom's button stash picking out colors and shapes I liked. As I sorted I was thinking about Valentine's Day coming up so naturally some heart hoop art came out of it.

Blue Vintage Button Heart - Hoop Art Ornament
SA&C vintage button hoop art

Brown Vintage Button Heart - Hoop Art Ornament
SA&C vintage button hoop art

Both are listed on Strong Arts & Crafts.

What else would you like to see made with these vintage buttons?


January 29, 2015

Valentine Sweets

I have a long-standing tradition (dating back to when I was a girl) of having heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies for Valentine's Day. My mother always made them for us so they were still warm when we came home from school. I've carried on the tradition with my girls using the Primal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe from Elana's Pantry. They are delicious!

If you're looking for a token of love for your sweetheart, Lisa and I have some lovely gift ideas in our Strong Arts & Crafts Etsy shop: Burlap & Felt Heart Valentine's Ornaments, Valentine's Wire & Bead Heart Decoration,or
Love - Hand-Embroidered Hoop Art.

I also started a vintage button hoop art project yesterday. I have plans for more like this. I used some of Mom's old button stash and she joked that one of Dad's shirt buttons was in there. Probably. That's part of the joy of vintage buttons. You not only get beauty but you get nostalgia too. I'm hoping to list this little gem tonight.
SA&C vintage button hoop art

I hope you find something you love.


January 28, 2015

Bee Happy

This weekend I finished my Bee Happy custom embroidery project. It was stitched, pressed, and shipped. I can't wait to start my next one.

Bee Happy Hand-Embroidered Dish Towel
SA&C Bee Happy Hand-embroidered dish towel

Thanks for checking in.



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